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A great deal of stress is laid on strengthening the moral values, promotion of culture, social and spiritual values so that the destiny of every country could be shaped in the class room and that India needs today for supreme accomplishment in the series of the nation, for position of leadership and influence in business, teaching, journalism, art, science, administrative and defence services. Global Law Institute believes that progressive nations have strategically invested heavily in education on a long-term basis. We are living in age of knowledge explosion. The more we acquire, the more powerful we become. Global Law Institute is being shaped to become productive and proud citizens of our nation. They are taught to be morally sound, confident, up to date, technologically sharp and scientifically advanced. Global Law Institute is a futuristic school.

Late Shri Anil Kumar Sagar



Born 25.12.1929- Death 08.03.2007

This Institute is the result of the dreamt by Late. Shri Krishnaprakash Sagar. Being in Government Job, he always engaged himself in several social works as providing help to economically poor brilliant students and give right positive guidance and instruction to all deserving student. As a results of his dutiful nature, his eldest son shri yogendra Sagar Two times M.L.A. & Chairman "(I.T.R. Bareilly) Second son Shri Anil Kumar Sagar (I.P.S.) have performed their duty well and Youngest son Shri Sanjeev Sagar is in Government Job.

In Real sense this institute is the result of their father's blessing and grace when he was alive, he saw a dream of establishing a college and his dream reached its goal with the efforts of his three sons.

Late Shri Krishnaprakash Sagar

(Ret. B.D.O)